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Cloud Dashboard made easy with Steampipe Dashboards

Steampipe Dashboards make cloud dashboards an easy job. Dashboards are always crucial for giving a centralized view of all cloud resources to cloud admins for easy management and real-time visibility.

Here are some of the key things that Steampipe dashboards do:

  1. Display data: Steampipe dashboards allow users to visualize data from various cloud providers and services in a single place. This makes it easier to get a comprehensive view of your infrastructure and applications.
  2. Monitor performance: Steampipe dashboards provide real-time monitoring of your cloud resources, so you can quickly identify and address issues as they arise.
  3. Analyze data: Steampipe dashboards allow users to perform advanced data analysis, such as aggregating and filtering data to gain insights into resource usage and application performance.
  4. Track compliance: Steampipe dashboards provide visibility into compliance metrics, such as security and governance, allowing you to track and report on compliance across multiple cloud providers and services.
  5. Customize views: Steampipe dashboards allow users to customize their views to suit their specific needs. This includes filtering data, creating custom charts and graphs, and setting up alerts.

In this blog post today, we will see how to download and run steampipe dashboards and what are various steampipe dashboards

Download and Run Steampipe Dashboards

Before we start, you should already have steampipe installed and running. If not please go through this blog post here, where I have explained how to get started with steampipe.

Let us first download the steampipe dashboards library using the below command:

git clone
Steampipe Dashboards git clone

Now let us start the Steampipe Dashboards server.

cd steampipe-mod-aws-insights
steampipe dashboard
Steampipe Dashboards start dashboard server

Now we have a running Steampipe Dashboards server which we can navigate through this URL http://localhost:9194/

Steampipe Dashboards open dashboard in browser

Various Steampipe Dashboards

There are a lot of resources supported for dashboards.

Account Report Dashboard

If somebody is using AWS Organizations, it gives a centralized view of all the accounts contained within AWS Organization.

Steampipe Dashboards account report dashboard

VPC Dashboard

VPC Dashboard shows all the VPCs created within each cloud account and various other details. But if we see there are some access denied errors on the page, because I had created a read-only user for steampipe so some of the functionality may not be accessible with read-only permission.

Steampipe Dashboards VPC dashboard

EC2 Instance Dashboard and Instance Details

Steampipe Dashboards Ec2 instance dashboard
Steampipe Dashboards Ec2 instance details

EBS Volume Detail

If I click only volume id on the EC2 instance details page, I will get navigated

Steampipe Dashboards ebs volume details

Overall, Steampipe dashboards provide a powerful way to monitor, analyze, and optimize your cloud infrastructure and applications, with the flexibility to customize views and track compliance across multiple cloud providers and services. Official Docs can be found here.

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